RicoBel | Noriko Oseko


RicoBel was established in Belgium in 2000 by Noriko Oseko as an incorporated company (b.v.b.a) and She is now a sole proprietorship in Japan.


【Business Activities】

1. Personal coaching and mental support for the self-employed, entrepreneurs, support for women

2. English-Japanese translation, on-site interpretation

3. Licensing of French children books’ author/illustrator Alain Grée

4. Reiki, Oracle card reading

5. Lecturing (seminars)


|Noriko Oseko – Profile 

Lived in London, UK, in 1998 and in Ghent, Belgium, from 2000 to 2018. Started up and established own business in Belgium, including import/export, Bed and Breakfast, management, aroma therapy, lymphatic drainage, licensing business, book translation, appearing on and coordinating  Japanese TV programmes, on-site manager for international firms, coaching and seminar lecturing.


|My Philosophy and Vision

While I have always valued gratitude, I also believe that everyone has unlimited potential and endeavor to make the world a happier place. I assist clients to create a future that is more delightful than the present, to strive toward the unfolding of abundant creative potential, and to increase the number of people who feel happy.

Everyone has the right to be happy, and when one person is happy, it spreads and starts a positive chain reaction. In order to move towards a future that is more enjoyable than the present, ‘now’ is important. I try to do my best in what I can do and give “now”. I am committed to this and run my business with the ‘doing good for the world and helping others’ in mind.



Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo)



Native speaker of Japanese

Fluent in English

Dutch –  conversational (Finished NV7 at Het  Perspectief, NV4 at University Gent)


【Past Career】

President (self-employed) – RicoBel b.v.b.a.  April 2009 – 2018

・Licensing business – holder of international exclusive rights of French illustrator Alain Grée

・Worked in Japan as a contractor (as an executive secretary, interpreter, coordinator, onsite manager for a project – managing over 20 people)

・Personal coach

・Worked with publishers and agencies for licensing business

・Arranged all administrative work : making contracts, booking flights and hotels, arranging business meetings, making invoices, banking 


・Attended business meetings (frequently in UK)

・Attended exhibitions in Japan

・Set up websites

・Wrote columns

・Coordination for a Japanese TV program about travelling in Gent – Belgium

・TV appearance on a Japanese TV travel program about Gent – Belgium as a guide-reporter

・Retail and Wholesale collectible, vintage articles


Vice-President – RicoBel b.v.b.a.  April 2000 – March 2009

・Bed and Breakfast for Japanese tourist

・Import – Export business

・Licensing business – Alain Grée

・Attended a trade show

・Attended exhibitions and sales in Japan, The Netherlands and Italy

・Set up websites

・Translated three children books in Japan (English – Japanese)

・Worked as an interpreter (English – Japanese)

・Retail and Wholesale vintage and antique articles



Domestic route and timetable department: May 1998 – April 1999


Yanase Corp.Chiba

Marketing department:  April 1997 – March 1998



・Completion of CTI ( Co-Active Coach Training, acquired in  Japan and the Netherlands)

・Life Coaching (USA)

・Mental Coach accredited by NPO certified by the Japanese Prime Minister

・Stress Management

・Completion of PHP Listening Course

・ Lymphatic drainage and face massage (acquired in Belgium), aromatherapy (UK)

・Certified Reiki healer


One of the Japanese programmes on which Noriko Oseko appeared (Japanese)


|Origin of the Name RicoBel

It comes from Noriko’s RICO + Belgium’s BEL