What is coaching? How does it differ from counselling and consulting?



It is generally divided into these categories.



The practice of delving deeply into the past to identify the root of a problem and then working toward solutions.


The consultant proposes and advises a solution to the current problem, and the client implements accordingly.


Crossing the bridge between the present and the future to get the client to the desired future.


Of course, different therapists and psychiatrists implement various techniques, and some physicians and therapists combine the best aspects of each to provide advice, but generally speaking, therapists and consultants apply a solution-oriented approach, whereas coaches do not instruct their clients on how to solve problems.

The common approach is to wait for the client to respond. The reason for this is that unless the client takes action based on their own answers, they will blame someone else when they fail or end up not wanting to do it. If this occurs, motivation will fall dramatically all at once.

The coach keeps asking questions from various perspectives until the client responds, and when they respond, they will take appropriate steps.

Following the client’s goal, the coach determines what can be done now and encourages the client to take action and achieve results on their own. The coach is present for the client and walks alongside them.


The aforementioned is general coaching, but coaching at RicoBel is slightly different.

One of my clients once told me that he wanted more advice from my own experience, which was a great insight for me and led to a new coaching style. In coaching schools, I was also taught to tell clients within the scope of providing information, but not to give advice. But I felt I should make the most of what I had learned from my own experience, and that was where my value resided.

Since then, I have continued to deliver outcomes by using a coaching style in which I am generous with everything I have learned and experienced.


If you are undergoing a counseling, seeing a doctor, or taking medication

As previously stated, coaching is not the same as counselling. As a result, if you are currently seeing a doctor, undergoing counseling, or taking medication, , we will be unable to accept your coaching application because coaching cannot be used in conjunction with coaching.